Zvaní řečníci

E. Cavalier: Vitamin D determination: analytical and (some) clinical considerations and perspectives

Prof. Etienne Cavalier, PhD, EuSpLM
President of the Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine
Head, Department of Clinical Chemistry
University of Liège, CHU de Liège
Liège, Belgium

M. J. McQueen: International Recommendations for Sodium and Potassium intake: are they realistic and achievable, and are they grounded in evidence-based clinical outcomes?

Prof. Matthew J. McQueen, MBChB, MA, PhD, FCACB, FRCPC
Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University
Director, Clinical Research Laboratory and Biobank
Population Health Research Institute
Hamilton, ON, Canada

A. Jabor: O lidech a klinické biochemii

Prof. MUDr. Antonín Jabor, CSc.
Přednosta PLM, IKEM Praha

M. Jirsa: Dědičné poruchy sekrece žluče – příčiny, mechanismy a diagnostika

Prof. MUDr. Mgr. Milan Jirsa, CSc.
Zástupce přednosty Centra experimentální medicíny, IKEM Praha